How many times you have clicked off a video?

Video for the web is here to stay and we should get to know its power.

YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Snap Chat all want videos from 10 to 30 seconds in length and suggest a square format for optimal mobile viewing.

The shortened  length is to ensure viewing until the end.

These shortened videos are designed to get a call to action, to visit ones website and see a more elaborate video or to BUY!


 21 second Square video optimized for Facebook.


Power Videos contain all the pertinent information to get the reader to do something after viewing it.

That is brand recognition, visit a web site, view a longer video or to BUY.

We create a Killer video for you with all your information in it to stop viewers and make them notice you... in about 20 seconds!

This can be posted on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and even Snap Chat.


The call to action will be to see a web site, longer video or even to buy!


We can use your information, your pictures and video or we can produce required images for stock photos/videos  or we can shoot new pictures and videos.


Give us a call at 905 333 1661 for a talk of what you are about and we can provide a quick quotation for you.